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Scott  Dupre

Scott Dupre

Insurance Professional

As a music educator with a master's degree from Southern Methodist University, for the past eleven years, I have been dedicated to teaching in public schools and making a positive impact on the lives of my students.  Time spent in the classroom has taught me that I have a passion for teaching and a desire to have a positive long-term influence on people.  In 2022 I was invited to join Preservation Financials practice to develop their Medicare, Life, and Medical insurance practice. It was an easy decision to join the firm because my wife and I were clients of the firm and we had experienced, firsthand, what Preservation Financial desires for all its clients – teaching them and having a long-term supportive relationship with their clients.  Very much the same values I embraced as an educator.

The partners of the firm, Tim Philpot & Quinn Moser, were instrumental in helping my family with our finances. Throughout the entire process of developing our financial plan along with strategies for investing, their business platform and model made us feel incredibly comfortable in working toward our future financial success. 

What I truly enjoy about working at Preservation Financial is that every client's financial and health situation is unique. It's like solving a puzzle, finding solutions that fit into the bigger financial picture of clients. It's a rewarding challenge, and I find fulfillment in providing personalized solutions that align with their goals and circumstances.

Family is the most important thing to me, and I am blessed with a loving wife, Katie, and two children, Connor and Madelyn. We currently reside in Ft. Worth, TX with our two dogs, Case and Lucy. Our desire to set our family up for a successful financial future is what drove me to seek guidance at Preservation Financial, and I'm excited to pay it forward by helping others achieve their financial success as well.

Beyond my wealth management pursuits, I have a passion for music. I am a music arranger and composer for high school marching bands, and I enjoy teaching private lessons for the French horn. These creative outlets bring balance to my life and allow me to express myself beyond the realm of finance and education.