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Karen  Albitz

Karen Albitz

Administrative Assistant

In my journey into financial services, I was driven by a desire to deepen my knowledge of finance and investing. Working alongside advisors who prioritize their clients' needs and hold strong values aligned with serving and honoring God was a perfect fit for me. While serving our clients, I've come to realize the significance of paying attention to detail.  Easy for me to do in that I am very detail-oriented. Being able to make a difference through service brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

In my role, I primarily see myself as a guide, navigating the many regulatory requirements of financial services that must be adhered to. It can be demanding at times, with a lot of activity and responsibilities, but the reward comes from witnessing the appreciation of our clients. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful clients, many of whom share a heart for serving others. Their gratitude and the positive impact we can make in their lives is truly heartwarming.

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, I was raised by loving parents who instilled in me the belief that all children deserve a loving home. This inspired me to adopt, and I made that commitment a reality after moving to Massachusetts and meeting my husband. We now have two daughters, one of whom joined our family through adoption. While we have volunteered with organizations supporting foster children and families in the Fort Worth area, we hope to increase our involvement in these meaningful initiatives once we retire.

In our leisure time, my husband and I enjoy visiting botanical gardens and nurturing our flower gardens, which we had to rebuild after severe winters. Family holds a special place in our hearts, and we prioritize spending quality time together. Regular workouts keep me active, and playing games like cards, board games, dominoes, and dice is a cherished tradition that brings joy to our weekends. Additionally, I am involved with Milestone Church and various organizations that support foster children, as their commitment to service aligns with my own values. Milestone Church significantly impacts our Keller/Fort Worth community and beyond, and I am grateful to be part of such a caring community.