M. Tim Philpot


Tim Philpot has been a trusted Financial Advisor to individuals and families for more than two decades.

His career began after he completed his accounting degree at the University of Georgia. Following graduation, he worked for an international accounting firm, known today as KPMG, and earned his Certified Public Accountant designation. Tim's career next took him to the field of business auditing and then into healthcare where he served as the Chief Executive Officer for a healthcare system in Fort Worth, Texas. As CEO, he enjoyed his day-to-day management duties and also provided treasury oversight, managing $500 million of investments for his institution's investment program. Additionally, Tim served as Chairman of the Texas Hospital Association's Investment Committee where he oversaw investment management for the pensions of 13 hospitals.

While working in the healthcare arena, Tim completed his MBA degree at the University of Texas in Arlington and served on UTA's Adjunct Faculty where he taught a Healthcare Finance course in the Masters of Healthcare Administration program.

While he was very successful in his career working with large organizations, Tim felt called to use all that he had learned to impact his fellow individual investors. Tim is a Christian and a Financial Advisor who is committed to “planting” in the lives of others. His heart's desire is to help people understand the Biblical principles of stewardship and apply them fully to their lives. In 1996, with that passion in mind, Tim founded what is now known as Preservation Financial Wealth Management where he can serve others and make a real difference in client's lives. 

Tim and his wife Therese have been married for 43 years . They have a daughter and two grandsons. 

Phone 817-285-7333